Learn How to Master your Life Force

The ultimate online course for learning the principles of how to master life force energy, understand the nature of reality and how to ultimately put your personal, professional and spiritual goals on steroids!

Understanding and Awareness

Creating an understanding and awareness of the process and purpose is vital for the success of any practice. Same goes for cultivating and utilising life force energy. First, we need to understand what it is, how it functions on a micro and macro level, how to cultivate it and for what purpose we would even do any of the above.

Powering up and Measuring Progress

Next, we go through how to build power, volume and density of life force energy and understand how to measure, reproduce, test and refine our outcomes. This ensures we remain grounded in reality and that we are constantly geared towards growth and performance by using the scientific methodology and journalling.

Application and Transformation

Evolution is embedded in our DNA, and this overall purpose and reason for our “being” is merely to evolve….whether it be personally, professionally or spiritually. This section of the course will address the many ways that the principles and exercises in this course can be applied to our goals and ultimately create the reality we desire.

About Dinesh Kumar

G'day folks - I'm Dinesh Kumar and just like you... I've been seeking spiritual guidance and knowledge for as long as i can remember (since I was a teen).

It's the nature of our universe to constantly expand and evolve so its no surprise that the very same is embedded deep within our DNA, which for me, created a yearning to understand the nature of our reality, the reason for my being, and the overall objective of this so called "Game of Life".

I searched far and wide, practiced all sorts of systems in order to uncover answers to the many questions I had, but was never really satiated as none of the systems, scientific, esoteric, religious or spiritual, seemed to address this path from a holographic perspective and required high levels of conformity to doctrines, traditions, blind beliefs or outright hierarchies.

But I needed more. I needed to find answers that would actually teach me practical methods on how to improve my personal and spiritual aspirations.... minus all the hurdles, hierarchies and mis-information.

I came across Franz Bardon’s work in 2008 through my martial arts teacher, but it was only 3 years ago, I had a breakthrough and all dots that seemed to misfit prior to this, started to connect, and this was when I was introduced to the teachings of Sifu Mark Rasmus.

Today I'm sharing the fundamentals of Life Force in this program so you can begin to understand how to use the universal principles and life force energy to align yourself to your personal and spiritual goals

1. We start by helping you get crystal clear on the process of spiritual development

What You'll Learn In This Course

How to Feel Life Force Energy

Learn how to feel energy outside your body and open the first door of your clairsentience by expanding your awareness to life force energy.

How to Build Volume and Density of Life Force Energy

Learn how to develop more power, volume & density and become a super conductor for energy!

Application for transformation

The most important phase of this training is understanding how these principles can be applied to transform your personal, professional and spiritual goals to ultimately create the reality you want!

Got questions about the course before joining? Sure, email us at Dinesh@theurbansage.org

Why Join This Course?

  • 50 Process driven, instructional videos with a mix of theory, solo & partner practice instructional

  • Private Facebook Group Access

  • Bridges the gap between science and spiritual development

  • Free from any doctrines or dogma

  • Free from belief systems and restrictions associated with other traditional frameworks

  • Is on the leading edge of spiritual development

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from enrolling in this course?

Anyone aspiring to achieve personal and spiritual growth.

Those who are in search of a practical, process-driven approach to develop in every facet of their lives.

Possess a dedicated and unwavering commitment to their goals.

Have the ability to sense energy. (If you haven't developed this skill yet, don't worry; we provide free training to help you hone your energy perception until you can feel it.)

Is there any prerequisite knowledge or equipment required to take this course?

No specific prerequisites are required. You don't need any specialised equipment to start the course. Just bring your curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to explore and learn.

How long does the course last, and is it self-paced?

The course duration may vary, but it is typically designed to be flexible and self-paced. This means you can progress through the materials at your own speed, accommodating your schedule and learning preferences.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to finish the program?

Of course we want you to stick around and be part of our community. However, we do have a 7 day money back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied for any reason at all you can ask for your money back in full within 7 days of the purchase. Just email dinesh@urbansage.org

If I sign up, how long do I get access to it?

Lifetime access to be able to practice the principles and deepen your knowledge.

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What Topics Are In The Course?


Dinesh's Story

Outline and Objectives

Principles of Practice

Journalling and Tracking Progressusandae.


The Nature of Perception & Reality

Life Force Energy

The Physical Body | Muscles vs. Fascial

The Scientific Method

MAP | Mental Astral Physical

The Universal Principles

Clairsentience | Clear Feeling

Building Critical Mass


Building the EMS | Setup & MAP

EXERCISE | Building the EMS | Feeling Energy

EXERCISE | Whole Body Pore Breathing (Seated)

Structural Alignment | Standing Practice

Electric and Magnetic Lines

Places of Power

EXERCISE | Moving Partner's Balance (Bio-Tensegrity Model)

EXERCISE | Bio-tensegrity: Cleaning the Lines

EXERCISE | Moving Partner's Balance (Life Force)

EXERCISE | Electric and Magnetic into Training Partner

Causation Chains | Introduction


Alchemy & The Alchemical Substance

EXERCISE | Feeling The Alchemical Substance (TAS)

EXERCISE | The Creative and Destructive Cycles

EXERCISE | The 3 Transformations (Solo Exercise)

EXERCISE | 3 Transformations (Partner Exercise)

EXERCISE | TAS to Move Partner's Balance

EXERCISE | TAS to Release Tension (Physical)

EXERCISE | TAS to Release Tension (Astral)

EXERCISE | TAS to Release Tension (Mental)


Clarity of Intent

Intrinsic Energies

EXERCISE | Centre of Mass & Centre of Balance

EXERCISE | Moving Your Training Partner - Directional

EXERCISE | Absorb and Repel Force and Intention


EXERCISE | Power Stretching

EXERCISE | Power Stretching Partner Ex

Rebounding | The Roles of the Issuer & Feeder

EXERCISE | Rebounding | Non-Intentional Model

EXERCISE | Rebounding | Intentional Model

EXERCISE | Throwing Exercises

SUPER CONDUCTOR | Resistance Training (Gym)

SUPER CONDUCTOR | Resistance Training (Bands)


The Alchemy of A Happy Life


Got questions about the course before joining? Sure, email us at Dinesh@theurbansage.org

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